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We are the M.J. Harris Group, home to “every trade under one roof.” For projects both big and small, our services range from custom renovations, through to individual trade hire.

Here, you’ll find all your home, laundry, kitchen and bathroom renovation and maintenance needs in Melbourne. Our team consists of some of Melbourne’s best quality tradespeople, including builders, carpenters, painters, plumbers, plasterers, electricians, interior designers, tilers, and landscapers. Our work is made efficient and lasting by our knowledgeable team leaders and project managers. Whether you’re looking for kitchen, laundry or bathroom renovations, choose M.J. Harris to update your space. Call us today for a free quote.


Bathroom Renovations鑫彩平台下载地址软件

For bathroom renovations and makeovers in Melbourne, choose M.J. Harris Group for the complete end-to-end solution. As one of the most important rooms in your home, our builders and designers will complete your stylish, new bathroom on-time and on-budget.

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As the centre of every home, your kitchen should be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Our leading renovation team will ensure your kitchen makeover is built with quality finishes, detailed designs and unmatched products.

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Whether you’re looking to convert your laundry into a European inspired retreat, or enclose it off into a hallway cupboard, M.J. Harris Group are the team you can rely on. For a laundry renovation team that will expand on your ideas and breathe life back into a tired laundry, contact us today.

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With a complete team of trades, designers and project managers under one roof, we’re able to provide the most comprehensive home renovations for clients across Melbourne.


Extend the space in your house with the help of M.J. Harris Group’s home extensions team.  Sourcing from the best suppliers, our team of renovation and interior design experts can provide 3D plans of your dream space, showing you a realistic view of what your home extension will look like.

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Add a relaxing outdoor retreat to your home! Whether you’re looking to create a striking outdoor entertaining area with natural flow or a stand-alone masterpiece, M.J. Harris Group are the team for the job.

No matter what project you need to complete, our team of professionals at M. J. Harris Group can provide a solution for you. To find out more about our quality home, laundry, kitchen and bathroom renovations in Melbourne, call us on (03) 9431 1177 today for an obligation-free quote, or click here鑫彩平台下载官网客户端.

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